Annual LOSS Walk

Each September we gather as survivors and a community of loved ones to walk and ....

Once we have the flyer and if you have any other info about it I'll make this a link to a seperate page with just walk info and how to register...

Partner Organizations 
  • Bryan Health

  • Community Health Endowment

  • Butherus, Maser & Love

  • Intergrated Life Choices

  • Nebraska Army National Guard

  • Yellow Ribbon LNK 180

  • AFSP

Lincoln/Lancaster Stats
  • In 2018 349 people in Lincoln attempted suicide including 153 under 24 years old. 

  • In 2018 34 persons died by suicide, including 7 under 24 years old. 

  • Most suicides occur in the month of October. 

  • Most suicides from ages 10-24 occur in the month of April. ​

Other News...

 Nebraska Suicide Prevention Young Leaders Summit. August 24, 2019.

Go to:


Project 4-7 Run to Overcome, September 29

Bryan Health Mental Illness Awareness week.  Main speaker Ryan Leaf will speak on "Lying to Myself: The Ryan Story" Thursday October 3,  6:30 -8 pm.

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